What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Fryer?

If you’re contemplating on buying an air fryer, a question that’s always on your mind would be: what are the pros and cons of air fryer? Asking this question will help you determine whether making the switch to an air fryer is the right solution for your cooking needs. To help you find the answer, we have gathered the good and the bad aspects of air fryers and air frying in general. We made sure to be as objective as possible to help you make an informed decision.


Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer

Pros and Cons of Air FryerWhat Is Air Frying?

Before we dive into the pros and cons of air fryer, we find it necessary to discuss what air frying is. Air frying is the process of cooking food by circulating powerful hot air within an enclosed chamber. This hot air envelops the food to cook it evenly, so you’re not left with undercooked sides with burnt edges. As a result, you get a beautifully crisp outer layer and a juicy interior that mimics deep-fried food. But since it does not require submerging the food into boiling oil, air fried food are considered the healthier alternative. Considering how air frying works, air fryers are often dubbed as smaller convection ovens. After all, they similarly use the same technology as convection ovens.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Air Fryer?

Now that you know how air frying works, we can now proceed to discuss the pros and cons of an air fryer.

Light Food

The Good

1. Healthier Food

The biggest advantage of cooking with an air fryer is that the food you cook is healthier than if you cook it in a deep fryer. In cooking with this kitchen appliance, you only use little to no cooking oil, and that reduced amount means lower calories. This makes it perfect for people who are trying to lose weight. The reduced exposure to cooking oil also reduces the food’s cholesterol content by up to 80%. You can be assured that your family will be at a lower risk of developing heart diseases. You should also remember that carcinogens tend to develop on food that’s been exposed to high temperatures – like boiling cooking oil. Since you do not deep fry your food in gallons of oil anymore, you benefit from a reduced risk of accumulating toxic carcinogens in your body.

Benefits of an Air Fryer: Safety

2. Safe Cooking

Most of today’s air fryers are built with numerous safety components and features that will help prevent injuries and accidents. This often includes cool-to-touch handles and using BPA-free materials for the frying basket or pan. Higher-end air fryers also have an automatic shut off function to prevent your food from being overcooked and an overheat function to prevent fire-related accidents. Also, you are at a lower risk of suffering from burns due to spilled oil since the cooking happens inside an enclosed cooking chamber.

3. Easy and Convenient Cooking

There’s no doubt that air fryers are here to make cooking easier for us. With deep frying, you have to take out different tools to make sure that you’re cooking food at the desired temperatures. But with an air fryer, you have the option to set the temperature in the first place. This guarantees accuracy to really bring out the flavors. Also, these modern kitchen appliances come with simple control panels that make them easy to operate. They do not have a ton of buttons that require a complicated combination just to get it to start cooking. This makes it perfect for users of different cooking levels.

4. Versatile Kitchen Appliance

Another notable advantage of an air fryer is its versatility. These appliances often come with multiple functionalities, and this means that you can use them for different cooking methods. In most cases, you can use this appliance not just for air frying but also for roasting, baking, and broiling. Some would even have programmed presets that allow you to cook your food in just one click.

5. Faster Cooking Times

And finally, air fryers are known for their faster cooking times. These energy-efficient appliances preheat faster and can maintain a steady temperature better than most convection ovens. As a result, you benefit from faster cooking times and minus all the fuss you have to deal with when deep frying. Because of this, air fryers would make an ideal kitchen appliance for people who are always busy or on the go.

The Bad

1. Dries Out Food Faster

Since air fryers do not use a lot of oil while cooking, it tends to dry out food faster than when you’re deep-frying it. As a result, you may have to add water into the drawer or spray oil to the food from time to time. This can be quite inconvenient, especially if you’re cooking food that’s not naturally fatty. Also, since the food dries out faster, it tends to heat up faster. If you make a miscalculation in determining the cooking time, you might end up with badly burnt food. 

2. Limited Sizes

Another disadvantage of an air fryer is that they are usually available in limited sizes. While there are hundreds of air fryers in the market that come in different shapes and sizes, they aren’t as large as traditional ovens or deep fryers. Most extra-large air fryers only have an 8-quart capacity, and that can be too limiting. While this may seem enough for a family of six, it becomes too inconvenient to cook in two or more batches in case you have people over. Not only is this time-consuming, but it will also cost you more in the long run. 

3. Loud Operation

While some air fryers are equipped with new technology that allows them to operate almost noiselessly, a majority still sounds like a blender when you use it. This means that you should be careful in using it during the early morning when the rest of the family is still asleep.

4. Pricey

And finally, air fryers can be quite pricey. While there are a lot of good value-for-money units in the market, there’s no denying that an air fryer is still more expensive than a deep fryer. Before buying, you have to make sure that the price falls within the budget

Air Fryers Are Not For Everyone

With that said, we’re not saying that air fryers are for everyone – because they’re not. Some of us still prefer traditional ovens over these modern air fryers, mainly because of the wide adjustment settings that the former offers. Also, air fryers are limited by their size, so cooking for large groups means cooking two or more batches at a time. Some air fryers are also quite bulky, making them impractical for small kitchen spaces. So before you buy an air fryer, make sure to assess your cooking needs. This guarantees that you’ll end up with the one that offers the best value for your money.

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