Best Easy Way To Learn How To Use Air Fryer For Fries

French fries, hands down, are one of the tastiest snack foods of today. With its combination of crunchy and moist, it’s no wonder why it’s so loved by people of all ages. But let’s face it – it’s not the healthiest snack food. Traditional french fries have to be deep-fried in cooking oil, and that’s both high in calories and cholesterol. Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy this tasty snack without cooking it in too much oil. We’re talking about air fryers. In this article, we will teach you how to use air fryer for fries. We gathered all the tips you need to know to make the most of cooking fries with your air fryer.

how to Use Air Fryer for Fries

What Kind of Air Fryer for French Fries  Air Fryer for French Fries

Before we discuss the easy ways on how to use air fryers for fries, we find it best to discuss air fryers first. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by allowing hot air to circulate around the food. It functions similar to a convection oven, but with improved energy efficiency and more compact dimensions. As to the interface, an air fryer can either be digital or traditional.

Digital air fryers come with large screen displays and touch interfaces that make cooking setup a breeze. On the other hand, traditional air fryers use dials to allow you to set the cooking settings, making it ideal for home cooks who are not as techy. Either way, both types can be used to cook french fries. Aside from the general classification mentioned above, air fryers are also categorized according to their design. They can either be basket-type or convection oven-type.

Basket-Type Air Fryers How To Use Air Fryer For Fries

Basket-type air fryers are among the most common of these types. These air fryers cook french fries in a basket that contains holes to allow air to completely envelop the food. These holes help the food cook evenly, so you achieve that perfect golden brown and crispy exterior without overcooking the interior. 

Convection Oven-Type Air Fryers

If you prefer a more spacious air fryer, then go for the convection oven-type. These look exactly like countertop versions of large convection ovens. As a result, it has a larger interior cooking chamber that allows you to cook more french fries at a time. They’re also easier to use, especially if you are familiar with operating convection ovens. 

How To Use Air Fryer For Fries

With that said we can now proceed to teach you how to use Air Fryer for fries. We did not confine this article to just one easy way of cooking french fries. We have gathered different ways you can air fry your favorite snack to achieve your desired texture and flavor. 

Air Fryer Frozen French Fries 

We’ll start with using an air fryer for cooking frozen french fries. For the best results, observe the following steps: Frozen French Fries

  1. Start by preheating the air fryer for 3 minutes. You can either do so by manually setting the timer and the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or by clicking the French Fries preset – if this is supported by your air fryer.
  2. While waiting for the air fryer to preheat, season your favorite frozen french fries with salt and other spices or seasoning.  
  3. Once the air fryer is ready, place the frozen french fries into the basket and spray them lightly with any cooking oil of your choice. Now, close the basket and allow it to cook for 10 minutes. 
  4. After 10 minutes, open the drawer and shake the contents. Then, cook the fries for another 10 minutes. 
  5. Once it’s done cooking, you can now serve these french fries with your favorite dip. 

Tips For Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

  • Do not soak the fries in oil. Doing so will only result in sad, soggy fries. 
  • While shaking the basket mid-way, it’s important to make sure that each fry will be evenly cooked for the best results. 
  • While preheating is not necessary, doing so will guarantee a crisp and golden brown exterior.  

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Crunchy Baked Fries

An alternative to using the air frying function is to bake the fries with an air fryer. You can simply do so through the following steps. 

  1. In your baking pan, liberally season the french fries with salt, seasoning, and spices of your choice. Then, spray it with a little bit of canola or olive oil.
  2. After preheating the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 minutes, you can now put the pan inside the oven and cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Similarly, you can use the Bake Function on your air fryer.
  3. After 20 minutes, adjust the heat to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the fries for another 15 to 20 minutes. For best results, check the fries from time to time and manually stop the timer when it reaches your desired color and crispness. 
  4. And that’s it – you now know how to use air fryers for fries that are baked yet still crispy. Serve and enjoy. 

Instant Pot French Fries

If you prefer the chewy kind of french fries, cooking with an Instant Pot will surely deliver that result. The following are the steps you should follow. 

  1. Throw the potato strips or frozen french fries into a bowl and add salt, a little bit of oil, and your desired spices or seasoning. Mix all of these ingredients thoroughly until each fry is thoroughly covered. 
  2. Arrange these potato strips on the trivet. As much as possible, make sure that the fries are arranged evenly to make sure that each fry gets cooked evenly. 
  3. The next step is to pour water onto the Instant Pot. we recommend a ratio of 1 cup of water for every 1 pound of fries you’re planning to cook. Now, you can mount the trivet onto the Instant Pot. 
  4. Set the Instant Pot to high pressure and cook the french fries for 10 minutes. While waiting, you can start preparing the dip of your choice.
  5. After 10 minutes, allow the steam to release in small amounts until it’s safe to open the Instant Pot. Now, your Instant Pot french fries are ready to be served and enjoyed. 

Bear in mind that this method won’t leave you with a crunchy exterior. If you prefer that crisp texture, we recommend cooking these fries in a broiler for an additional 3 to 5 minutes. This largely depends on the texture you want to achieve.

Reheating Leftover Fries

Reheating leftover fries with an air fryer will allow them to retain that crispiness without that burnt taste. Most air fryers are equipped with a reheat function, so you can simply press that for your convenience. If your air fryer doesn’t have a reheat function, simply reheat these fries for 5 minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Tips To Perfect Crispy French Fries

Now that you know how to use air fryers for fries, here are some tips that you might want to consider to make the most of your cooking.  

    • Make sure that the fries are completely dried off before you season them. You can do so by patting it dry with parchment paper. 
    • After you shake the basket while you’re cooking the fries mid-way, lightly spray the fries again with cooking oil before you close the cooking drawer.
    • Don’t hesitate to check on the progress of your cooking from time to time. This will help you determine if the temperature is too low or the cooking time is too long. This will not only deliver the crispiest fries but will also prevent them from being overcooked.  
  • French Fry Seasoning Ideas: If you think plain salt is too boring, you can also use garlic salt or garlic powder for that extra flavor. If you prefer spicy french fries, you might want to add paprika, pepper, and cayenne into the mix. You can also add chopped parsley for that unique taste. As long as you love the flavor, feel free to go wild on your seasoning. 

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