How To Clean Grease Spill In Oven?

A grease spill in the oven is very common and can be very frustrating. The oils and fats that drip down to the bottom of the oven can be very difficult to get rid of and require a good hard scrub which can not only be time-consuming but can cause damage to your oven. 

The question is that how to clean grease spill in oven? The oven is an important part of the kitchen. It is used to cook foods and prepare bread, cookies, cakes, etc. It is very common for a kitchen to have a spill due to regular cooking activity. 

A spill can be anything like water, juice, to even oil or grease. Most of us are not bothered or concerned about what spills are made but the biggest thing that bothers us is which type of grease spills in the oven.

how to clean grease spill in oven

It can be challenging to clean up the oven Sticky spills can be very tough to clean. Through this blog, we are trying to solve this problem.

What can we do to clean the grease spill in the oven?

We use so many homemade items use to remove grease spills in oven-like

  1. Cleaning grease with ammonia
  2. Cleaning grease with vinegar
  3. Cleaning grease with baking soda
  4. Cleaning grease with lemon
  5. Cleaning grease with dawn dish soap

Cleaning grease with ammonia: How to clean grease spill in oven

Fill one of your medium-sized oven-safe containers with about 3 cups of water. Fill a second container with 1 cup of ammonia and place it on a baking sheet or in an airtight container to be used in the oven. 

Place them in your oven overnight. This will break down the tough grease, dirt, and baked food in your oven. In the morning, wipe it out with a damp cloth and a small amount of dish soap if possible.

Cleaning grease with lemon: How to clean up grease spill in oven

Lemons are an incredible, natural way to clean some of the nastiest messes you’d find in any kitchen! To get stains out of your stainless-steel refrigerator, try cutting a lemon in half and mashing it with white vinegar. Then apply this concoction using a cloth or sponge on the area where the stain is. The acids in the lemon remove stains by dissolving them!

Cleaning grease with baking soda: How to clean a grease spill in oven

The easiest way to clean a hot oven is by mixing some water and baking soda. First, add three tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl filled with boiling water. 

Next, make sure you also use gloves when handling this mixture because it can be quite dangerous if it spills over your skin! Once done, turn the oven on and off again five times and then allow the mixture to settle into the grease and dirt that has accumulated in the oven while turning the oven on for one last time. Now that you’ve let the cleaning fluid soak into all of those grease stains, close up your oven and leave the mixture in there while it cools. 

Hopefully, after about an hour or so you will notice how much easier it is to wipe away any remaining debris from inside your hot oven once you reopen it!

Cleaning grease with vinegar: clean oven grease spill

If you are cleaning grease off an oven, use vinegar. Vinegar’s acidic nature helps it to penetrate grime and quickly break down grease. It’s also very cheap compared with other cleaning solutions, making vinegar a natural choice. 

Take a small spray bottle and add some vinegar to it and start spraying it all over the most burnt areas on the bottom of your oven. Try not to get any on the sides of the door because it may stick there when you try to wipe it off. Use paper towels to soak up any excess grime or grease that is running down towards the bottom rack.

Cleaning grease with dawn dish wash:

This is a great tip when you’re in a pinch when it comes to cleaning your oven. If you’re not sure how to clean grease spills in the oven, Dawn dish soap can help. 

To effectively clean your oven using Dawn soap as an oven cleaner, dilute 1/4 cup dish soap into four cups of hot water to create a powerful soaking solution. Next, saturate some old rags with the soapy water and lay them over the top of baked-on grease and sugar stains on your oven bottom and let them sit there for several hours – wetting the rags every hour or so will keep them moist and allow them to absorb more dirt and break down stains.

Remember that:

Make sure to remember to always clean with as much natural ventilation as possible if you can. Wearing a dust mask is also useful if cleaning is causing any kind of smoke or dust since these particles can be very irritating to your lungs if they manage to get in there. 

When using potentially caustic liquid cleaners, it’s important the safety gear like gloves and eye protection too just in case. If you’re going to be scrubbing vigorously for a long time, using electric cleaning brushes or bringing along some protective tools like an orbital sander could help protect your hands from getting worn out or even worse cut.

FAQ related to clean a grease spell in the oven

What is the faster way to clean the inside of the oven?

Put on rubber gloves and mix vinegar and baking soda in a large bowl. Rub the mixture with the rag over the greasy area. Set stain-releasing papers on top of the mixture and put a thick towel over it. Wait overnight, and then wash it out by hand using a sponge with warm water and a soft-bristled brush

How do I get stuff off the bottom of the oven?

You can pour boiling water on a burnt splotch to remove it, and you can also use a scrubbing pad made of steel wool. However, there are also chemicals that you can purchase to help remove them more easily

How do you clean the oven with baking soda?

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on a clean, warm stovetop and leave it that way for at least fifteen to thirty minutes before going over it with a stove-top cleaner that’s recommended for this type of surface. Don’t use a wire sponge for cleaning your stove.

How do you clean the worst oven without vinegar?

For cleaning my oven, I like to wet it down with water before applying some baking soda. This helps loosen up the grease and grime! I usually leave it on overnight so that it can soak it all in. The next day…I use more water on the same cleaned parts to rid of leftover baking soda that’s clinging onto my oven’s inner walls.


Cleaning a greasy oven is a difficult task, but there are a few basic steps to keep informed about how to clean the grease spell in the oven. The only thing you need to do is to clean the oven regularly to be able to prevent acidic damage to the oven. If in case your oven got damaged in any way, you can always use the oven repair kit to repair it yourself. If the damage is too much, you can use the oven repair service that will help you repair your oven. I hope this article may help you to remove grease in the oven and make your oven neat and clean every time.

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