Emeril Air Fryer Reviews

Out of the many air fryers in the market, no other unit compares to the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer. With its extra-large capacity, multiple cooking presets, and sturdy construction, it’s no wonder why we can’t find any negative Emeril air fryer reviews. 

Emeril air fryer reviews

This is why we were so excited to finally try the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer. It’s one of Emeril Everyday’s most notable models, so we were curious about what it offers and what it performs. So in this Emeril Everyday 8 QT review, expect us to break down each feature to give you our honest thoughts. 

So if you’re planning to buy this specific Emeril air fryer model, then read on to know more about it. 

Emeril Air Fryer Reviews: Features

At first glance, you may think that the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is just another electric-powered pressure cooker. With its bulky size and rounded shape, it’s not something that will easily catch your attention. 

But don’t let that fool you – it has superior features that put all other air fryers to shame. Read on to learn more about our thoughts on these features. 

Design & Interface

While the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer seems to look like any other kitchen appliance, don’t let that modest exterior fool you. 

It boasts a stainless steel construction that gives it that sleek and polished look. Stainless steel is known for its excellent heat retention, scratch and corrosion-resistance, and superior durability, so you know that it’s built for the long run. 

While the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer looks bulkier than other air fryers, bear in mind that it can function as an air fryer, a pressure cooker, an oven, and nine other kitchen appliances. So even if you only have this in your kitchen, you can already prepare a myriad of meals for the whole family. This makes it the space-saving choice. 

Also, its extra-large frying basket is designed to maximize the airflow to make sure that every angle of your food is exposed to superheated air. This helps it cook faster and more evenly. 

But in terms of design, the winning feature has to be the Dual Lid Design. This kitchen appliance can function both as an air fryer and a pressure cooker thanks to its unique lid design. 

The pressure cooker lid helps trap the steam and liquid whenever you’re cooking, so you can expect the vitamins and nutrients to be trapped in it as well. This also helps maintain the food’s natural moisture to bring out its best flavors. 

The pressure cooker lid is designed by none other than chef Emeril Lagrasse, and it offers a crisper finishing feature that leaves you with that crisp exterior and moist, flavorful interior. 

On the other hand, the air fryer lid comes with a turbofan that helps circulate the superheated air around the cooking pot. As a result, you get that crunchy finish while also sealing in the flavor and moisture for the best results. 

So without a doubt, the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer was the result of careful design planning and engineering.

Setup & Usability

We must also mention that the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is designed with our convenience in mind. It has a simple interface with a digital display that helps us key in our desired settings without second-guessing. It also keeps us on track with the cooking progress, so you don’t have to worry about overcooked food. 

The control panel is highly intuitive, making it easy for home cooks of all levels to operate. But considering all its functions, this air fryer would be best for more experienced cooks. 

Another notable feature of the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is its multiple cooking presets. You may have encountered air fryers with 8 or 10 cooking features, and these can already be impressive. Surprisingly, this unit offers 44 cooking presets – and that is truly remarkable. 

These built-in cooking functions allow you to prepare different dishes for the whole family, ranging from fried chicken to seafood and snacks. 

Additionally, the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer also has 13 cooking methods that you can work on. This includes air frying, pressure cooking, slow cooking, baking, steaming, roasting, braising, sauteing, as a canner, and sous vide. You can also use it as a rice cooker or for making yogurt. Undoubtedly, this is one versatile kitchen appliance. 

We also love that it has a Keep Warm function to make sure that your food will always be served at its best temperature. 

So all things considered, the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is an air fryer that will surely take your cooking to the next level. And the fact that you can cook food with less oil makes it the healthier choice. 

Size & Dimensions

We’ve previously mentioned that the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is quite a bulky air fryer. It towers over other appliances at 22 inches tall and covering a floor area of around 17 inches by 15 inches. Considering these dimensions, there’s no doubt that it requires quite a lot of countertop space. 

Despite its larger size, there’s no denying that this air fryer is still smaller than a convection oven, so it can safely sit on your counter. And the fact that it has 12-in-1 functions means you can do away with other kitchen appliances. 

But thanks to these large dimensions, the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer also has an extra-large cooking pot. It has an 8-quart capacity that can easily fit a whole chicken. This allows you to cook food for large families or if you frequently host large gatherings. 

This saves you the time and effort of having to cook in batches. And that will also save you a lot of money eventually.


One of the key features that you have to look into when you’re buying a new air fryer is its energy consumption. Most air fryers use a wattage ranging from 1300 Watts to 1700 Watts, so anything beyond that can be considered as too energy-consuming.

Fortunately, the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer only operates at 1550 Watts. While it’s considered in the middle range in terms of energy consumption, its performance is quite impressive. This reflects how energy-efficient it is, especially considering its large cooking capacity. 

Parts & Accessories

We also love that the cooking pot on the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is not only dishwasher-safe but is also made from PTFE-free and PFOA-free material. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your food is being cooked in a non-toxic food-grade pot. 

The accessory pack on this air fryer includes the air fryer basket, the air fryer lid, the pressure cooker lid, the pressure cooker pot, and a convenient recipe book. 

Other accessories that you can use to improve your cooking include a glass lid, a ladle, a measuring cup, and a multi-purpose rack. Replacement parts are also easily accessible, so you don’t have to buy an entirely new unit if you simply need a new frying basket. 



  • It offers superior energy efficiency. 
  • It has 44 built-in cooking presets for the user’s convenience. 
  • The dual-lid design helps it to effectively act as a pressure cooker and as an air fryer. 
  • It has a user-friendly one-touch interface.
  • It is made of premium and durable materials. 
  • It already comes with various cooking accessories. 
  • It has an extra-large 8-quart cooking capacity. 
  • The cooking pot is made of PTFE-free and PFOA-free material.
  • It has a dishwasher-safe cooking pot.



  • It is quite pricey. . 

Emeril Air Fryer Reviews: Cooking Tests

For its cooking tests, we wanted to test the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer boat as an air fryer and as a pressure cooker

For the air fryer, we decided to cook chicken tenders to see how crisp and juicy it can be. We preheated the air fryer for 2 minutes before we added the chicken pieces into the basket. We lightly sprayed canola oil over the chicken and closed the lid to cook for 6 minutes. 

After 6 minutes, we opened the lid and flipped the chicken pieces. We then lightly sprayed that side with canola oil before air frying again for another 6 minutes. 

Air Fryer Verdict: The chicken tenders were indeed tender on the inside but crunchy on the outside. The Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer did a great job at sealing in the moisture so that the chicken tenders won’t feel dry and tasteless. Overall, we’re very satisfied. 

For the pressure cooker, we decided to try it and cook Pressure Cooker Roast Chicken. We used a 4-pound whole chicken to see if it can seal in the steam and moisture and whether the crisper lid will help cook the skin to perfection. 

After generously seasoning the chicken, we began by frying it inside the cooking pot until both sides have turned a lovely brown color. Once done frying, we set it aside on the trivet. 

Then, we poured a can of chicken broth into the pot before placing the trivet with the whole chicken. We made sure to seal the lid properly before cooking it using the high-pressure setting. 

Once it’s done cooking, we then set it to Broil for 5 minutes to see if the crisper lid can truly make the skin crispy. 

Pressure Cooker Verdict: The skin was a beautiful golden brown color with a light crispness to it. The chicken was juicy and had that satisfying fall-off-the-bone tenderness that we love. 

So all things considered, we are quite impressed with the performance of the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer. Once we get the hang of all its cooking settings, we expect better and more delicious results.

Emeril Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Reviews

Emeril’s pressure cooker air fryer is a revolutionary product that changes the way you cook. This pressure cooker air fryer combines two cooking methods – frying and steaming – into one, making it easy to prepare meals quickly and easily. Now Emeril has teamed up with other reputable chefs like Wolfgang Puck to create this new line of innovative appliances for your kitchen. There are three models available: an 8-quart electric pressure cooker/air fryer, an 8-quart stainless steel electric pressure cooker/air fryer, and a 12-quart stainless steel electric pressure cooker/air fryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give you additional information, we have answered the following questions for you. 

What Can it Cook?

The Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is a versatile air fryer and pressure cooker in one. It can cook a variety of food ranging from french fries, fried chicken, to roast vegetables and the tastiest ribs. 
As long as it can fit in its large cooking pot, you know that this powerful air fryer can cook it. 

What is unique about the Emeril  Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer?

The Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is a rare air fryer that offers the functions of 12 kitchen appliances in one solid machine. It also comes with a whopping 44 cooking presets, and this makes it one of the most versatile air fryers on the market. 
We also love that it has a secure Dual-Lid Design that allows it to function as a pressure cooker as well. With all these unique traits, it’s so easy to see why the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is a clear standout from its competitors.

What to Look for in Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer?

Before you buy the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer, there are certain aspects you should look for first. Consider that this is a bulky air fryer, so you would need a lot of counter space to mount it on.
Also, take note it comes with a large cooking capacity. This is ideal for medium to large families but can be impractical for those living alone. 
You should also look into how easy it is to clean. Take note that a larger air fryer requires more cleaning time, so keep that in mind before you buy it. 
Taking note of these factors will help you determine if the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is the right unit for your cooking needs. And this will give you the best value for the money in the long run. 

Are the accessories replaceable?

The Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is perfectly designed for versatility and user convenience. With that said, you can easily buy additional cooking accessories to help you make the most of this unit. Replacement parts and accessories are also easily accessible.

Where can I find replacement parts and accessories?

Emeril Everyday understands the need for replacing parts and accessories once they are worn down. For this reason, the brand has made these easily accessible for users to purchase via their official online store. You can also buy them from authorized sellers on online retail stores like Amazon.

Is the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer Good?

Yes. We can’t even begin to enumerate all the benefits you can enjoy with the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer. This air fryer has an extra-large capacity, 44 cooking presets, a durable stainless steel construction, and superior energy efficiency. We believe this can easily be the best air fryer for medium to large households – so there’s no doubt that it’s good. 

Conclusion: Should I buy the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer?

After testing out this unit for ourselves, we now understand why Emeril air fryer reviews are always optimistic. 

It has an energy-efficient motor that allows it to cook large amounts of food faster than other models. Because of its lower consumption, you benefit from lower electric charges in the long run – and your wallet will surely thank you for that. 

It also has an extra-large 8-quart capacity that allows you to cook for a large family in one go. No need to prepare for time-consuming second or third batches. 

But while one unit can be pricey, the benefits far outweigh the cost. There’s no doubt that owning the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer is a worthwhile investment.

So if you’re looking for a powerful, reliable, and large-capacity air fryer to cook for your family, you won’t regret buying the Emeril Everyday 8 QT Air Fryer. It is especially recommended for more experienced home cooks who want to do more with an air fryer.

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